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Our daughter, who has a CAMHS diagnosis, started to attend Work Skills Learning after difficulties in mainstream education.

Work Skills Learning worked effectively with our daughter and have increased her confidence and self esteem and enabled her to reengage with her learning.  She has made great progress in attendance and learning since joining Work Skills Learning (WSL) and has received a great level of support and one to one engagement. Staff at WSL understands her level of need and are very responsive.

Our daughter has settled well at WSL and has developed reciprocal supportive relationships with staff and students. The teachers and support staff understand her needs and have been very adaptive to her high levels of anxiety. She feels able to trust the staff at WSL, which is an amazing experience for her given previous lack of support in mainstream education provision. Her confidence and self-esteem have grown, and she is beginning to take an active part in her education and goals setting. WSL is the right setting for her to start to work towards her goals.

I find staff friendly and approachable, and they keep us updated with our daughter’s progress. WSL works well with the family and young person.

Comment from our daughter:
I started to attend Work Skills Learning in September 2020. I like WSL and think that it is the right place for me to work towards my goals in education. The team and other pupils have been very supportive. Working with key teachers and mentor has been helpful in building my confidence and self-esteem.

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