Parents' View 3

Our son has absolutely flourished at WSL in ways that we did not think were possible before.

The post-19 education he has received has been truly bespoke and he has been extremely well prepared for each transition to a new stage or course without ever being rushed to do something he is not ready for. As a result his confidence and self-esteem have blossomed with each fresh achievement.

Staff work hard with him to find courses that not only interest him – ceramics, creative craft, photography – but that also lead to attainable qualifications that will serve him well in the world of work such as customer service, employability, English, maths and work skills. He really feels that staff value and understand him and they have helped bring out creative abilities he didn't know he had. They have gone above and beyond to secure an outstanding work-experience placement that he is really benefiting from.  In addition, the small number of learners means that the environment is not overwhelming, and it has been possible for him to establish meaningful relationships with his peers for the first time. We know we could not have found better provision for this important stage in his life.

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