Parent's View 4

My daughter started attending Work Skills Learning in early September 2020 and since joining the school has completely change her whole prospective and outlook on schools.

She openly enjoys and looks forward to attending her lessons daily.  The school staff and teachers have consistently made students feel welcome and recognise and respect pupils needs of quiet time or when they are feeling down or want to be left alone.  They constantly demonstrate a strong acknowledgment in pupils potential and aid students in achieving and exceeding not only in subjects but most importantly in life.  Students are encouraged to look beyond and to think about the future in a tolerable and manageable manner. It is fundamental to ensure a child’s safety in a school environment and I’m confident to say that Work Skills Learning understands and has achieved that.

Teachers and school staff are exceptionally supportive and comprehensive toward difficulties expressed in a child or pupil’s life. They are very professional in their approach, for instance they look after the welfare of students, meet their needs, give out helpful advice and coping mechanisms.

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